Trudeau’s Ottawa “summit” does little to help Kinder Morgan hurdles — Protesters dig in their heels

Prime Minister Trudeau’s meeting with Premier Notley of Alberta and Premier Horgan of B.C. muddied the waters of options for Kinder Morgan on Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Trudeau sticks to claim the “pipeline will be built..” while simultaneously making the path to success at little bit more murky.

Premier Notley has said Alberta may have to take a financial stake in the pipeline to see it through. 

Trudeau says the same about Ottawa. 

Does Kinder Morgan see that as a “win”.. hard to say… 

If there is one thing I can sarcastically say are always fast-efficient construction projects… it’s the ones run by the government!

I can feel Canadians eye-roll across the Red-white-and-leaf

Quebec joins the fight AGAINST the Pipeline

As if we needed Trudeau’s mind to be even more cluttered with political decisions… Quebec leaders have decided now is the time for them to speak up AGAINST the project… 

The Quebec government — Yes, the Liberal government — are now siding with B.C.’s opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. 

Ottawa’s assertion of dominance on Kinder Morgan “is not a good sign for federalism,” said Premier Philippe Couillard.

Ohh Philippe.. the irony of Quebec leaders wanting to stand up AGAINST the big bad pockets of Ottawa and Alberta is too much. 

This from Quebec leaders… those with a province that regularly dumps millions of litres of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence river!!

This from Quebec leaders.. the same that accept tanker shipments on the St. Lawrence River from a whole freaking host of foreign countries, many with no environmental rules at all. Many with who-knows-what for rules at all!?

From Calgary Herald twitter – “Quebec not only meddles in Kinder Morgan, but insists the provinces should be full partners in the administration of Bill C-69, the federal legislation that has already plunged the energy industry into new spasms of confusion.” 

You said it! 

Trudeau says Trans Mountain pipeline is in the National interest of Canada. This is now being echoed by his ministers. 

I don’t even know if they believe what they’re saying. But they should. 


Meanwhile, the clock still ticks. 

Market Monday!


Kelly Hall

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