Vancouver prepares for series of annual carbon tax increases – Saskatchewan prepared to keep fighting

Calgary can find prices around $1.16 per litre on Tuesday March 3, 2018

Gas prices in the Vancouver area are now at new record highs .. AGAIN and could rise even further, to $1.60 a litre by the end of the week.

The first of four annual increases to the province’s carbon tax kicked in on Sunday, adding 1.2 cents to the cost of a litre of gas. By Monday morning, prices had risen to $1.56 per litre — more than a quarter higher than in Montreal and Toronto, where gas prices are hovering around $1.30. It’s also significantly higher than the $1.19/$1.20 I was able to find around Calgary today. analyst Dan McTeague notes that by the end of this week, refineries will transition from winter gasoline to a summer blend, which will add four more cents to the price of a litre.

According to McTeague, that will only exacerbate a “chronic shortage” in B.C.’s gas supply that is due to poor pipeline capacity and a refinery that has shut down for maintenance.

To be fair to B.C… the maintenance shutdown was “scheduled”, and one would like to assume they took precautions to mitigate the supply/demand mix during a planned outage… but I don’t have the facts to back that up!

No Relief in sight as Leaders say it’s the right thing to do

B.C. Premier John Horgan continues to stand by his beliefs high gas prices are a good thing…

“I don’t buy the argument some have put forward that carbon pricing is a drag for the economy,” Horgan told reporters on Sunday. “Quite the contrary; it’s led to innovation and new investments in clean technologies.”

Kris Sims, the B.C. director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, has mixed feelings on the carbon tax: “The idea of amping up the carbon tax to the point where it punishes people so much that they can’t run a business and they can’t drive around, we have to ask ourselves: what kind of an economy and society will that be?”

Agreed, Kris… Agreed.

Saskatchewan up for the fight Against Carbon Tax with possible help on the way

Speaking to CTV, Brad Wall made the point that with elections looming, Saskatchewan could find support in Ontario PC’s and Alberta UCP’s if elections fall the way they hope.

Markets will dictate, but governments clearly have thumbs ALL – OVER – THE – SCALES

I’m all for free markets, and gas prices should be a reflection of buying habits.  Yet CANADA elects people that think THEY know best and can literally have an impact on pricing.

John Horgan sees the carbon tax as a way to change behaviors and influence decisions while at the same time driving innovations.

I think as much as Rachel Notley doesn’t like to admit it… that was essentially the premise she ran on the first time she was campaigning for premier of Alberta.

Catherine McKenna.. the Canadian Environment Minister… said on a CTV interview she HAS NO TIME for people that disagree…!?!

“I have no time for folks who are like, you know, ‘We shouldn’t take action,'” she said. “I don’t have time for politicians that play cynical games about climate action.”

Here’s the full exchange – Courtesy CTV

Justin Trudeau is the POSTER BOY for smugness! —

Canada needs to start to ask more of its elected officials, or PAY the PRICE… Literally.

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