Why the “Silent Majority” should stop being Silent

#STOPKM Protestors

Oil Sands Saturday – Why the “Silent Majority” should stop being Silent

If #KinderMorgan has the support of the so-called “Silent Majority” as the supporters claim it does, I’ve got a splash of cold water for you — Stop being so silent.

Some studies show about a 50/50 split across Canada, others have 70%+ in favor of Kinder Morgan Pipeline approval (BC and Quebec being mostly against)

But I will tell you this, If I’ve learned ANYTHING from that last several months from #MeToo, to Gun control, to sexual harassment… the ones that speak loudest lately are swinging the pendulum their way!

Time for some straight dope —

I honestly didn’t even know they were having a counter-rally in FAVOR of Kinder Morgan at the same time until YESTERDAY! when local radio host had some guys on the air… sorry, well it’s not EXACTLY the same time… it’s only from 2pm – 330pm… Hey! Being on the “right side” of history doesn’t have to be a full-time job I guess, right folks!

I truly believe and have shown that the #ProtectTheInlet people have international groups like GreenPeace and “Professional protesters” on their side… and they are good at what they do… blasting social media in your face and having dead fish and whales to help shed a tear or two. But in the age of social media… SILENCE on the other side is not going to sway public opinion.

Anyway, as someone who is keenly interested on hearing both sides and as I’ve said many times, have lots of friends and family in the oil patch, I want to lend some support.. but if the companies THEMSELVES don’t care.. why should I, folks??…

How about Social Media awareness: .. ok, found them! (After more than a little searching… FYI both #ProtectTheInlet and #StopKM were trending all day today… some tweets and a facebook page… No CLUE how to join the cause… Yesterday I even tried to grab a seat on a bus if any were leaving Calgary *which the allegedly were or so I’m told*… I didn’t receive ANY call backs, emails, or even twitter replies!! Yet I did find this helpful message:

Right, because why should a Calgarian have to travel to BC to support a pipeline from Alberta to BC…. Ok, I digress.

Corporations – What are your communications departments up to??

How about any communications from Alberta Oil Sands companies themselves? Certainly they care about the environment, and the future of our Energy markets….
Suncor… nothing, too busy with the $1 billion+ they’ve continued to add to Oil sands expansion, even though we’re told it’s pointless to invest anymore… Okay, so no time to worry about a protest I suppose… Husky, Esso, CNRL, nothin’, ‘nada!….
How about Kinder Morgan themselves…. Certainly THEY care about getting the facts out to BOTH sides of the protests…

Tell me why I should support you again?

OK Oil companies and now Rachel Notley… here we are again… Tell me why I should support you?

The #StopKM side is clearly misinformed on a lot of things, including economic and indigenous support (Kinder Morgan DOES have some support from Indigenous groups).. A diesel spill almost NO ONE BUT ME reported on came from a local barge and was PRAISED for cleanup response… (#StopKM is not trying to stop ALL maritime traffic… even though if they really do care about those cute cuddly Orca whales maybe you should!)

Victoria was dumping MILLIONS of LITRES of sludge DIRECTLY INTO THE OCEAN… and QUEBEC just did the same thing… MILLIONS OF LITRES, folks! Millions!!!

See, I have some fact’s too! But my point is clear… if YOU the oil companies.. don’t even care enough to support your own causes, and leave employees to fight the battle themselves or risk losing their jobs forever… Why should I go stand out in the cold?

That’s Your Oil Sands Saturday

To all the protesters, stay safe, and be kind. Power to the People.

Kelly Hall

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