Wind Wednesday – Busy week in YYC

Busy week for Wind in YYC

Last stop on the Renewable tour this week was the Grey Eagle Resort in Calgary, for the First Nation Power Authority hosting at “Power 101 Info session”

“You’re not suits, not ties, not big money, you’re human beings and you have a responsibility” says Chief Crowchild, Tsuu T’ina Nation. “Thank you so much for your works today.” (Wise words, although I do feel good in a suit and tie, but that’s not the point!)

First Nations group have an important role to play in Phase 2 of Alberta’s Wind Energy procurement phase launched earlier this week.

The province said it hopes to attract bids to build a total of 700 megawatts of renewable power capacity, enough to power 300,000 homes, with 300 MW reserved for proposals with Indigenous equity ownership and 400 MW without restriction.

Wind Procurement Phase 1, 2, 3


Earlier in the week in Calgary when these phases were announced, Environment Minister Shannon Phillips stated “Climate change is indeed the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. It is real,” Phillips said. “But it represents trillions in economic opportunity around the world. Albertans want to be part of those new jobs, those new businesses.” (Agreed!, Cost-to-market are seen as limiting options and high entry points make it a challenge of business to compete? I think the Energy Industry has a misconception that Green technology isn’t going to be profitable: It’s creating many jobs, and many more to come)

On a high-level example, I see it this way: Personal Computer technology was expensive and seen as novelty but with limited potential… cut to today we have created thousands of jobs in an industry that essentially didn’t exist a few decades earlier. Created billions for the economy and billionaires in the industry…. Now, I’m not saying the same will ring true, but I am saying there’s potential, and to turn away from it seems short-sighted to me.

So, Phase 1 is in the books, with 1/3rd content from Canadian Based companies: winners here:





Sharp Hills Wind Farm
Riverview Wind Farm
Pincher Creek
Phase 2 of Castle Rock Ridge Wind Power Plant
Pincher Creek
Whitla Wind
Medicine Hat

Phase 2 is on the go and Aboriginal content will be an important factor for the winners, more on that to come!

But on Energy mix is being diversified by the day! And I’m optimistic on it’s future results! If the prices are as competitive as REP phase 1, Phase 2 will be a breeze!

That’s your Wind Wednesday,

Let the chinook wind’s blow!


Kelly Hall

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