Wind Wednesday – Apparent Climate expert Bill Nye and Justin Trudeau agree, Alberta is the worst place on earth

P.M. Justin Trudeau and Minister Mckenna
P.M. Justin Trudeau and Minister Mckenna

Wind Wednesday – Apparent Climate expert Bill Nye and Justin Trudeau agree, Alberta is the worst place on earth

I used to watch Bill Nye as a young boy eager to learn, I liked him a lot. He had alot to say about Canada’s climate target goals being shattered because of Kinder Morgan (my words, not his.. although his were pretty close)

Ok, now with that positivity out of the way…

I’m not even going to get into the nuts-and-bolts of his claims about Kinder Morgan… and “Tar Sands”… *eye roll*… Jane Fonda = Bill Nye “Science” I guess… that’s a shame…

But! What many didn’t hear, was the press scrum AFTER Bill’s meeting with Trudeau, where he seemed to back track a bit.

“It’s your country, Canada’s going to do what it’s going to do,” Nye said, “… And the prime minister had a very well-thought-out answer that it’s for economic development in the short term.”… About 10 years or so… Where the heck did he get 10 years from!?! But OKAY.

“The pipeline is, in the big picture, bad,”  “…But in the short- and medium-term, what are you going to do?”

Bingo Bill Nye… BINGO!..

Wind Wednesday – Demand for Renewable Energy should NOT be lumped with “Climate Change Science”

As much as I, an Albertan, love being painted as some Right-wing whack-job that’s covered in Coal and Oil stains, we actually DO have a sense of responsibility to the environment, and many of my Oil & Gas working neighbors are the very same people merging Solar and Wind on the VERY same patch of land with a Rig on it… But hey, what do we know, we just LIVE HERE.

(This photo taken in Brooks, AB…. but who cares about facts, right?)

I’m going to get letters for this, but…

If any other celebrities want to come from the US to put me down for living in such an awful, awful place, please call ahead, we need to hide the Chemical Weapons we use on Syrian children and put away our Vlady Putin statues that Trump sent us.

Moving on.

Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says Canada will hit Climate Targets

Back to the topic at hand, which — after getting a lecture from people holier than thou makes me look at Trudeau and McKenna like complete moderates. We need to address some pretty.

Referring to the growing gap between Paris Climate Targets — For 2015, Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions were 722 megatonnes annually of carbon dioxide equivalent. The Paris climate accord commits the country to reducing that total to 517 megatonnes by 2030. In December of 2017, Canada’s submission to the UN put us about 66 megatonnes short of the goal… No Problem! Says McKenna.

“It’s a 2030 target,” she said. “We’ve said this is a transition and you don’t transition overnight.”

Okay that’s great… even though as I mentioned before the 2018 budget had almost NO tangible action plan on renewables, and a HECKUVA-lot of policing and enforcement for the Carbon TAX!…

(Hey! Why build renewable infrastructure when you can just keep beating up on Oil companies?…)

Global Wind News

I was recently in Kansas City, where Italian Enel subsidiary Enel Green Power North America is starting construction on it’s 300 MW wind-farm… very similar to the one awarded to them in Alberta a few months ago.. so I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Lastly, some climate science out of the UK, where …. (and Please Take note CANDA!!) they have over 25 OFF-SHORE wind farms alone!!!….. Britain’s carbon emissions have sunk to the level last seen in 1890…. not a typo folks… 1890!

Why… well the biggest reason… cuts to coal! (By the way… British Columbia is our biggest COAL Exporter!!)

In the UK, vehicle emissions are actually on the RISE! and it’s because of the cuts to coal that the CO2 emissions are seeing the decline.

That’s your Wind Wednesday

I’ve got to go rewatch The Simpsons and make sure they weren’t trying to teach me anything…


Kelly Hall

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