Wind Wednesday – Canada’s missing the mark on renewable energy

Paris Climate Agreements actually MEAN something to other nations!

Wow… this photo takes me back… Our leaders said all the right things… got all the applause and kudos.

C’est La Vie!

(I’ve been taking French Classes!)

To other countries, the Paris Climate Agreements weren’t just lip-service to the masses, but actual calls to action!

In fact! — They’re still not sure they are doing ENOUGH!!

From the Netherlands announcement below — “Up until 2030 the government wants to grow 1 gigawatt per year, but to achieve the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement, 2 gigawatt growth per year is desperately needed, Natuur & Milieu said, according to the newspaper.

The dutch are adding almost 1 GW per year in Wind power… and they say it’s not enough.. they want to DOUBLE IT…

Canada.. well.. is lacking…

Take note Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna!

Believe it or not…

David Suzuki and I AGREE on something… the 2018 Federal Budget was a pretty sorry pledge to help renewable energy.

David Suzuki

I had the pleasure to speak with David Suzuki for about 5 minutes without recording. To be fair… he didn’t have to, and was not an official speaker at the event, so I sincerely thank him for taking the time…

DS – We’ve got to get off **** fossil fuels

KH – Agreed, David… But, this is my first time in Vancouver, and I expected you all to be on bikes.. in FACT, I took at 14-hour greyhound bus from Calgary JUST to fit in… and here we are traffic jam after traffic jam on a rainy day… no one is STOPPING driving anytime soon…

DS – I was just in Calgary and they called us *** hypocrites for flying and ****

KH – Ok… but still doesn’t answer my question…. what do we DO… Vancouver is still driving cars…. what do we DO….

DS – Keep it in the Ground….

Wow! No wonder I’m so frustrated! I try to have an ACTUAL conversation on the future.. and I get generic responses… last try!…

KH “Trudeau and McKenna say we’re gonna hit our Paris Targets..”

DS They’re still using Harpers numbers! No chance!

KH Okay, agreed… but they put all the budget into R & D

DS Yes, Trudeau likes to use the Research bucket…..

THAT! Mr. Suzuki, is something we agree on!

Off-shore wind farms in Canada? Nope!

I am getting tired of saying this… but Ontario has a MORATORIUM on off-shore wind on the Great Lakes… with an election looming for the local Liberals… I can’t see this changing any time soon.

That means any proposals on Wind Farms on the great lakes is immediately shut-down…

Did I mention the US are going ahead with off-shore wind farms on THEIR sides of the great lakes!

All proposals for Off-shore wind in the West Coast of B.C. are rejected or kicked down the road with delays.

Same goes for the East Coast. In Newfoundland, local bills make it essentially ILLEGAL for any wind farms to go ahead… despite HUGE potential for renewable energy!

Offshore wind options across the globe… including the United States!

Earlier this month, I talked about 800 megawatt Bay State Wind offshore project being developed off the coast of Massachusetts. With a final capacity of 2 GW total.

They have since announced a deal which will see it work with local NEC Energy Solutions to develop an energy storage solution for the offshore wind farm. They plan to have a 55 MW/110 MW-hour (MWh) energy storage option, which upon completion would result in the world’s largest wind-paired energy storage system for commercial-scale energy.

Located 15 to 25 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, the final 2 GW is expected to be able to generate clean electricity enough for a million homes.


The government wants the total offshore wind farms to produce 40 percent of the Netherlands’ current electricity consumption by 2030.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate estimates that realizing these wind farms will cost between 15 and 20 billion euros in investments, and create 10 thousand jobs.

That’s your Wind Wednesday.


Kelly Hall



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