Wind Wednesday – Doug Ford’s newly elected party acts fast! – Cancelling wind farm for SE Ontario

“You can also expect us to act to ensure that going forward, local communities are better protected from having these kinds of projects imposed on them against their will.” – Ontario MPP

Calgary, July 11, 2018 – Back in Calgary for the Stampede this week, but my eyes were on Prince Edward County, a beautiful area in Ontario – East of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario….

It also used to be a former home of mine… My extended family still lives there.

My Aunt, an intrepid reporter for the area, is keeping the details up-to-the-minute on her community news.

But this matters more to voters than just the people who share the Postal Code..

Here’s the Run-down –

WPD Canada (Of the WPD Group based in Germany) launched a long term White Pines Wind Project back in 2010… it his the REA (approval stage) in about 2015….. that’s when things kinda went south…

Scope changes and a looooot of Local Opposition sent it through the ERT or Review Tribunal years later, eventually leading to it’s approval…

Right around the time Doug Ford was ramping up his campaign…

It was shrunk in scope to 9 turbines at the end of it… “secretly” — as some city councilors put it…

Fast forward to this week and you may already see what’s about to happen.

Doug Ford wins, and Local Bay of Quinte MPP Todd Smith, coincidentally now promoted to Minister of Government and Consumer Services, and Government House Leader, gets his groups wish, and the project is cancelled.

The locals are THRILLED! Read the full article here, with live updates

Comments at the local news-outlet range from happy to outright giddy.

They had gone to the streets to protest..

Literally stopping a turbine in it’s tracks.


The president of a wind power company says cancelling an eastern Ontario project that has been under development for nearly a decade could cost more than $100 million.

That TOO could be true…

Best believe legal action is coming.

The locals seem prepared for it.

So does the Ontario Government. – But it was a Top 3 Priority for the Ontario Government

I’m with the locals on this one

In some recent articles, I’ve had to weigh pro & con to “environmentalists” imposing their will to get projects cancelled.

Outweighing the ‘economic’ benefits.

In this case, the locals were so adamant that this would cause irreparable harm to their communities, economic or otherwise, it basically became an election issue.

If you vow to cancel this project, we will elect you. – Some claimed.

Powerful words. Powerful action.

I’m still in favor of wind turbines in Canada, and believe we need more, but clearly there is a discussion that needs to be had for projects like these, and it certainly appears the local voices were not heard.

Until now.

Wind Wednesday, folks!



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