Wind Wednesday – “Green” Energy Battery Storage Edition – Canada can be a leader!

Part I – In battle for “Green Energy” storage capacity, Canadian companies taking the lead in Batteries

VancouverMay 22, 2018  –

Leading Edge Materials Corp. is pleased to advise that the Company shall be presenting on  Wednesday 23 May at an EU Battery Alliance event in Malmö, Sweden, held as part of Nordic Clean Energy Week.  Nordic Clean Energy Week is a high profile European event held in Sweden and Denmark, from the 21 May 2018, focusing on the environmental and financial opportunities to arise from low carbon energy generation and energy storage.

From the companies statement released earlier this week- – “The Vancouver based company Leading Edge Materials, through its fully built Woxna Graphite Mine in central Sweden, is uniquely placed to supply sustainable high-value graphite products to the European battery manufacturers.  Lithium-ion batteries require more than 8 times as much graphite as lithium, and a secure supply is therefore a key battery industry pre-requisite.  Presently, natural graphite for electric vehicles, smartphones and laptops is solely sourced from China, and local sourcing will allow European industry to achieve a reduced carbon footprint and the capacity for continual product development.”

Again! I say…. If Canadians,… Environmentalists, and Economists all want Canada to “succeed”, whatever that means nowadays, we should be EMBRACING Canadian companies, and innovation such as this!  

Kelly’s NOTE – This was in NO WAY a paid endorsement, although I’ll happily take some free batteries!, I’m yet again trying to highlight that fact Canadian companies have to look elsewhere to secure they business futures… 

Part II – Is there such a thing as “Ethical Electric Car”… not yet!

VancouverMay 22, 2018  –

In an ongoing research study I’m doing, the mineral COBALT is also a huge resource for Batteries, and Canada has the opportunity to be a force for GOOD in this market… Canada has some succesful Cobalt mines in Ontario and up north, and we have the potential for a valuable resource in the “Electric Car” and environmental energy future…..

Interesting fact…. What country currently has the worlds richest supply of Colbat?…

It’s the CONGO… what do we remember about Congo? Blood Diamonds.. Child Labor… Yup!… …

Is it happening again!?…. YOU GUESSED IT!… CHILD LABOR reigns supreme! 

CNN has beat me to the punch a bit… but please check it out… 

By the way… 

A day after a CNN investigation into abuses in cobalt mining, the maker of Mercedes cars pledged to investigate its supply chain to ensure child labor is not being used to power its electric vehicles.

So some promise… 

As a second source.. please feel free to read the investigation from Amnesty International. 

So what’s my point… Can Canada do much about other countries behavior… as much as Trudeau thinks we can, it’s hard to do.

What we CAN do… Is invest in CANADIAN RESOURCES and get our CANADIAN companies to the global markets.

To be ethically responsible and LEAD by example.

That’s what we can do.


Kelly Hall

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