Wind Wednesday – UK Wind farms break energy output 14 gigawatt output record

UK wind energy breaks it’s previous output record.

As Reported by the energy group at Independent UK — UK sets new wind power record as turbines deliver 14 gigawatts for first time – 37 per cent of nation’s electricity

Wind farms produced a record 15 per cent of Britain’s electricity in 2017, up from 10 per cent in 2016, according to a report by Drax electric insights.

Yes, Europe is leading the way on wind and renewable energy in general, and we Canadians are lagging behind.

Canada has to look to its businesses for energy leadership!

Trudeau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna still say we’re on target for Paris Climate Goals…. David Suzuki and I disagree!

I’m less optimistic about the government on wind farms, but I’ve seen INSPIRED businesses wanting to take the lead!

Canadian politicians, and WE THE PEOPLE, need to start supporting CANADIAN renewable companies and jobs.

I recently shared a story about my trip to Centennial Wind Farm near Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

  • There are 83 wind turbines in this Saskatchewan wind farm… turbines made by Vestas. A wind technology company from Denmark.
  • The blades, not manufactured in Canada.
  • The technology.. not Canadian…
  • The concrete?… Heck, I HOPE it’s Canadian!   I also hope they hired locally for the Saskpower Transmission and the backend required to plug it to the grid..

I’ve mentioned before that just over a year ago Siemens Wind Power Canada, a division of German company Siemens, closed their Canadian blade manufacturing plant in Ontario, about 340 people lost jobs at the time.

Lost jobs!

Lost Canadian Energy jobs!

Ontario still has a moratorium on Off-Shore Wind Farms.

If Canadians care at all about our future, they would at least allow RESEARCH on the feasibility for off-shore wind farms.. On the Great Lakes, Pacific, and Atlantic coasts!!

Ontario has an election in JUNE. Time to step up, Ontario!

My @OceanWise pledge

PIPELINES are NOT the biggest threat right now to our Oceans!

I’ve mentioned before about my enlightenment on plastics from my friends at OceanWise.

The TV and MEDIA, and PROTESTERS and certain CELEBRITY environmentalists who will remain namesless… who at least SAY they care alot about the ocean… they would all have you believe that #StopKM and Stopping Kinder Morgan Pipeline and Oil and Gas is the single biggest threat to the ocean, and the whales…

It’s NOT

It’s our never-ending-consumption of plastics!

So the #BePlasticWise pledge has us to try and reduce the amount of plastic we use and throw away… such as the lids on our coffee cups! Or Plastic Straws!

No plastic lid on my cup of coffee today! It’s not much, but it’s a start.

That’s your Wind Wednesday


Kelly Hall.


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